The best education occurs when you travel.
As an educator, this is something I share often with my students and their parents.

Experience exotic landscapes. Taste new, tantalizing foods. Meet people with different worldviews. See the ruins of ancient civilizations. Creatively communicate with tribes of other languages. Navigate new cities. Recognize the differences yet treasure the similarities in all of humanity. We have been given a beautiful world with amazing creatures.

We started Emerald Moments Travel to accomplish just that. Emeralds are green, the color of growth and wealth. As we travel, we grow individually and relationally, enriching our lives and those around us. Emeralds are a precious gem, more rare than diamonds. Experiencing new worlds and cultures creates precious memories and transformative life lessons.

Becca West
Owner and Travel Consultant, Emerald Moments Travel

As an avid traveler, Becca West brings her own travel experiences to help you have the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation possible. Her personal journeys throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia over the last 20 years have given her unmatched knowledge in creating great adventures.

A certified public school teacher, wife, and mom, she has a driven passion for helping families explore the wonders of the world together. With her husband of 20 years and two teenage daughters, they find themselves enjoying great food, challenging board games, and traversing the outdoors together.

Detailed-minded and highly-organized, Becca will make sure that every moment of your trip is top-notch, just like she would for her own family.

Cruising is our niche...

...but its not the only thing we do.

Cruising is a great way to experience the world. Your hotel and restaurants move with you as you awaken each day in a new city to explore. Cruises also offer a great option for getting the most luxury for your budget, many times including food and lodging. Some cruise lines include beverage packages and exciting excursions.

Choosing a cruise also can be an excellent choice for people of all ages, offering specialized activities for children and relaxing adult-only options for parents that need a break. Vacationing on a ship also offers great support and assistance to those with limited mobility. Various cruise lines also provide a plethora of experiences from fun and playful to sophisticated and chic.

However, whether you like to be on a boat or travel the countryside by car, stay in a large city or find a secluded cabin in the woods, our team can create the right experience for you!